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Mr P To Dele Momodu, Obi Might Not Have Structure But…



Peter Okoye Talk Tough: Ask Friends, Others To Stay Away

By John Michael Ojo
Popular Nigerian songwriter and singer, Peter Okoye of Psquare better known as Mr P, has dismissed the claims made by Ovation Magazine Publisher Dele Momodu that Peter Obi, a Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), cannot win the 2023 presidency as he lacks the structure to do so.

Momodu while featuring on a programme ‘Your View’ on TVC on Tuesday stated that Obi cannot win the 2023 presidency in a party such as the Labour Party.

When asked if Obi, a former Anambra State governor would be able to pull the type of votes Trump did in the US as an underdog, which nobody thought existed or get a large number of youths to vote for him in the general election, Momodu said it’s impossible.

He also claimed Obi would most likely face the challenges of singly funding the party as the party lacked the financial capability to withstand the likes of the presidential flag bearers of PDP, Atiku Abubakar and APC, if Bola Ahmed Tinubu wins the upcoming presidential primaries.

He said: “For me, the two of the best that were in the PDP were myself and Peter Obi and he had absconded. I was in Labour, I started my journey from Labour, the first thing Obi will face in Labour is to fund the party because the party does not have money and Nigerians don’t make contributions.

“After I lost the first ten million, I started shaking because they said they were setting up a structure. You cannot win a presidential election from a fringed local party like Labour. Peter Obi has money unlike me but can he spend his hard earned money on fighting Atiku and Tinubu if he emerges the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Party, he can’t.”

While responding to Momodu’s claims, Okoye maintained that even though Obi might not have money and structure, he has the youths and masses who are clamouring for a society that works behind him.

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In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the musician noted that the 2023 election is beyond delegates as the masses will control the outcome of the election.

He tweeted: “With all due respect Sir Mr Dele Momodu! Yes, Peter Obi might not have the money and structure! But he has the Youths,The Masses and The People now! The truth is that we the people are the structure. We are many and we are powerful, We are Obi-dient, we can not be distracted.

“It is now beyond the delegates. The masses will control the outcome of the election. Will they vote for the candidate who paid delegates thousands of dollars to emerge as a candidate or vote for Peter Obi who has plans to change Nigeria from consumption to production?

“You people don’t understand the hardship and abject poverty that will hit us if Peter Obi doesn’t win. It’s not about the North or South here, it’s about who will save us, the country is crumbling in all sectors, people are dying unnecessarily, all this rubbish must stop.

“They intentionally create hardship for the people, so that they can easily buy people over to support them in a time like this! Are you people not tired of suffering? Is Nigeria today satisfactory for you? Don’t fall for these same mind games again.

“Please one more thing Sir Mr Dele Momodu, with all the money and structure that other political parties have, where has it taken Nigeria to? We need Pure CHANGE! And Peter Obi is that change! And now a Threat to all of them all! Sorosoke.”


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Shanty Town: Mike Bamiloye Hits Hard At Nollywood Actors



Mike Bamiloye Hits Hard At Nollywood Actors

By John Michael Ojo
Veteran movie producer and actor, Mike Bamiloye has raised concern over the alarming rate of nudity among actors and actresses in  Nigerian home videos.

The Mount Zion Ministries founder who expressed worry  following the recent release of ‘Shanty Town’, where actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo popularly known as RMD and Nancy Isime played a role which many have described to be in contrast with the Nigeria Censored Board, urged filmmakers to be cautious of the role they play as it can have a negative impact on their immediate families and the society at large.

Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Bamiloye wrote:

Dear Movie-Maker,
You think you are doing great movies?
You think you are making money?
You think you are getting popular?
Dear Movie Actor!

You have acted in many Movies in Nigeria and all your achievement in life has been that
You have Kissed several ladies and romanced many girls on film set,
The roles you love to play in movies are roles where Men have to kiss you and where you have to play love roles.
My Dear Movie Actor!
Honorable Nollywoodian!
How many Ladies have you kissed on movie sets?

Dear Screen Goddess of the Nollywood Empire,
How many Actors have done love scenes with you in Movies?
Different Mouths have Kissed your mouth in the name of being Professional!
You have been Directed by Lustful Directors to romance Ladies on Film set before More than twenty people who are behind the Camera.
It is like playing love with a woman in the market place!
And your Moral Defenses are breaking down daily before your very eyes!
You can no longer control your lust!

Eh! You! Mr. Man,
You are a married Man, and you are kissing many ladies and your wife and children Are watching you in Movies in their homes and you think things will be alright with your wife?
And you think your Children will be OK in their mind?”

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They see their Mother,
Having hot Romance with other men in Movies they watch,
And they watch the reactions of their father
And you think they will be Alright in their Heart and Mind?
You want to be Professional!
You want to win Awards!
You want to be Nominated for OSCAR! Abi?
So you have to subject yourself to many disgusting actions on Movie set!
You have to allow many other men to climb on you before cameras because your want to be a Screen Goddess!
And your husband and children are also watching many of these Movies

How can your Wife be Alright at home while she watches her husband passionately kissing another lady in a Movie!
What will become of your Children later as they have seen their father kissing and romancing other women in movies.
You think console yourself that they know you are Acting as you fondle other ladies Breasts in broad daylight before the whole world!

How will your marriage endure?

How will your Children have the right frame of mind?
How will your Wife still fully trust you in her heart?
How will your husband also not be thinking of trying what you are doing on film set.
How will homes not be breaking?

How will Marriages not be Scattering?
And you think the Society will still be cleaner?
And you think the world will still be a Better place ?
When you are contributing to destroying the fabric of Marriage Institutions!
In which way are you building Homes?
In which way are you Healing broken Marriages?
In which way are you mending the Society?

Our Children can no longer sit comfortably to watch Nigerian movies!
They will see skimpy dresses.
They will see nudity!
They will see open Romance and graphic love-making.
Parents are confused!
Which movies Will our Children watch now?

Nigeria movies are full of ladies who don’t want to wear clothes again!
And men whose heads are going crazy and their body is full of tattoos!

Many Actors have KISSED and ROMANCED Cemetery Ghosts who are masquerading as Movie Actresses!
Lustful and Sexual spirits have possessed some men right on the Movie Sets and they can never have a settled home again!
Unless the Lord intervenes!

Many Marines Spirits have played Love Scenes with many Men and sealed their fate for life!
Many men have donated their destinies on the altar of wicked marine spirits operating as actresses on Movie Sets.

Your Half Nude actress have polluted the heart of our young children!
Your scantily dressed Actresses have manipulated the mindsets of our youths!
Male Actors with Madmen hairstyles and body full of Tattoos have changed the focus of our young ones!

May God rescue us from this Powerful Tool of Manipulation!” Mike Bamiloye.


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Phyno Reveals Difference Between Polygamy, Baby Mamas



Phyno Reveal The Difference Between Polygamy, Baby Mamas

By John Michael Ojo
Popular award-winning Nigerian rapper, Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike better known professionally as Phyno, has stated that there is a wide margin between those who practice polygamy and those who unintentionally have children out of wedlock.

Phyno disclosed this in a recent interview with a local news outlet where he said polygamy is when one decides to legally marry a second wife while referring to  ‘situation’ as home breaking.

The ‘Fada Fada’ crooner, added that celebrities are often misjudged when they have children out of wedlock as most people see such celebrities as polygamists.

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Phyno however encouraged those who have been caught in the web of  ‘situation’ to own up and take full responsibility for the child/children involved.

He said; “Homes breaking is not polygamy, polygamy is when someone willingly says ‘I’m going to marry two wives,’ some people are caught in a situation and you can’t call that polygamy.  So, let’s be clear, Muslims practice polygamy.

“It can happen to you; it can happen to anyone. If you are caught in a situation, you have to stand up as a man and take responsibility for your child, you can’t call that polygamy. We always have to be clear on this because people come out to this.

“Polygamy is when I say I’m going to marry more than one wife, that’s polygamy. Situation happens to people and they are always unplanned, you called that polygamy.”


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How An Incurable Disease Stopped Me From Acting Movies – Chidi Mokeme



How An Incurable Disease Stopped Me From Acting Movies - Chidi Mokeme

By John Michael Ojo
Sensational Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme has revealed why he stayed off from the movie industry for some while.

Chidi Mokeme whose name has resonated once again after his exceptional display of talent and interpretation of script in a recent movie, ‘Shanty Town,’ stated that he was down with Bell’s Palsy (a viral infection that causes a sudden weakness of muscles on one side of the face making it to droop).

Chidi who likened the infection to a stroke said it affected his personality as an actor hence he couldn’t make any public appearance.

He added that the doctors disclosed to him that the infection could only be managed as it currently does not have a cure.

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“I have been off the scene for a while after we did the promotional tour for 76. Before that  we were preparing to go to the UK on a trip for British International Film Festival.

“I came down with something called Bell’s Palsy. It comes like a stroke and affects one side of your face and this was something the doctor said was incurable; they didn’t know what caused it and how to treat it.

“As an actor you can imagine what I was going through”


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