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Ohanaeze Urges Wike To Relax Curfew



BREAKING: How Ayu Defrauded PDP, Governor Of N100m - Wike

Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike has been urged to review the curfew he imposed on the state.

The appeal came from Dimm Uche Okwukwu, Deputy President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, who wrote an open letter to Wike.

In the letter addressed to the governor, Okwukwu asked Wike to kindly reconsider the 7:00p.m.-6:00 a.m. lockdown recently declared in the state.

Wike had during a statewide broadcast on May 10, 2021 said that the criminals responsible for the killings were from Obigbo.

He had said: “We have reviewed the way and manner the recent attacks were executed and discovered that the perpetrators, who disguised themselves as security officers, moved in unhindered from Oyigbo to launch the attack.”

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo chieftain, in the letter, wondered how the governor could come up with such conclusions even without a proper investigation, adding that Wike should not see the Igbo as his enemies.

Okwukwu’s open letter reads in full: “Your Excellency, writing you is a difficult task considering that at the micro level I am Ikwerre; but at the macro level I am Igbo. You are also Ikwerre and the theater of this violence is Ikwerreland. Isiokpo, Omagwa, Choba and Elimgbu are all in Ikwerreland. I am from Elele in the Ikwerre Local Government Area, LGA; the very first LGA where our brave law enforcement agents were killed. Their murders are completely unacceptable, condemnable and barbaric.

“I commiserate with the bereaved families while praying for the peaceful repose of the souls of the departed. My solidarity is with the government and people of Rivers in their struggle against terror. The perpetrators must be arrested and made to face justice. The Civil Defence, police, Department of State Services, DSS, and other law agencies must be empowered to carry out detailed investigations with a view to arresting and prosecuting the culprits.

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“For record purposes, it is unacceptable that our amiable Governor Wike, the first governor to receive in 2017 the newly elected National Executive Committee, NEC, of Ohanaeze, asserted in his 10th May 2021 broadcast that the criminals responsible for the killings were from Obigbo. Your Excellency had said, ‘We have reviewed the way and manner the recent attacks were executed and discovered that the perpetrators, who disguised themselves as security officers, moved in unhindered from Oyigbo to launch the attack.’

“Geo-strategically speaking, I am not questioning the wisdom of the governor as he is the Chief Security Officer, CSO, of the state with access to intelligence reports. What I question is the rationale, the reason, behind his assertion.

“From Obigbo to Isiokpo is about an hour’s drive. From Obigbo to Abua is about two hours’ drive. How could assailants in the dead of the night drive from Obigbo to Isiokpo, given all the security checkpoints in between, and kill security officers before escaping undetected? How could assailants drive from Obigbo to Abua, kill soldiers and escape without being apprehended? How many checkpoints exist between the two points? That is what I question. Let it not be that Your Excellency has resorted to profiling and labelling.

“I am not saying it is not possible that the killers came from Obigbo. In the circumstances, however, it is difficult to convince the ordinary man in the street. Profiling and labelling were the order of the day during the EndSARS protest when Obigbo was completely locked down; a lockdown that claimed the lives of children, women and the elderly from sheer hunger, dislocation and frustration. So this profiling, labelling and pre-judicial condemnation must be rejected by all well-meaning Igbos, Nigerians and men of good conscience because they have a background. The background is that Your Excellency has been provoked by some elements in Obigbo in the past.

“As an Igbo leader, I do not agree with Your Excellency’s profiling and labelling. A more detailed investigation into these killings should be carried out before anyone can safely point a finger at where the killers emanated. The security agencies must be allowed to do their job in unravelling the mysteries behind these attacks. Assuming, without conceding, that the hoodlums were from Obigbo, were they still responsible for the havocs in Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Anambra and Imo? The answer is no. So there is more than meets the eyes.

” am curious that these killings occurred in the wake of the establishment of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and Ebubeagu by the five governors of the South East. It is my contention that the Igbo society is kindred and community- based. You cannot establish a security outfit without involving the town unions, chiefs, youth leaders, community and women leaderships.

“The only security arrangement that can work is the one that is bottom to top and not top to bottom. The British reaped frustration when they tried putting up political structures from top to bottom. That led to the Aba Women’s Riots of 1929. The British never understood the Igbo society. Our political structure is kinship structure where people gather to take decisions affecting their community.

“So the ESN is a fundamental mistake bearing in mind that IPOB never consulted the socio-anthropological structures before establishing it. The south East governors, who should have known better with all their special advisers and commissioners versed in Igbo history and culture, also made the same mistake. That explains why both the ESN and Ebubeagu are not working.

“What we are seeing in Igboland is an implosion. It is this implosion that made the IPOB leadership believe that the extra-judicial murder of one of its commanders was authorized by the South East governors. This led to retaliations. Instead of security, the establishment of ESN and Ebubeagu has led to greater insecurity. Who is the enemy now that we fight ourselves?

“Igboland is commerce-trade-dominated in what I call “Akpata erie,” or survival-on-a- daily-basis. In Rivers we have a 7:00 p.m.-6:00a.m. curfew. That is unacceptable because a lot of people depend on the “Mama-put” they sell in the evening between 6:00p.m.-10:00p m. Also, those who lost their jobs use their private cars to do “Kabu-kabu” in the evening. Right now this support economy does not exist because of the curfew; and with it hardship.

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“Mr Governor, I fear violence because its first victim is the oppressed. Revolution is a double-edged sword. The revolutionary and those he leads into rebellion may perish if their struggle is not properly managed. The alleged oppressor will escape the inferno only to reappear after the conflagration to create a new order from the ruins of the old. So we must be careful.

“The alleged Fulani herdsmen responsible for all the killings are today being excused. We are now fighting ourselves. The governors are under threats. Policemen are under threats. Politicians are under threats. Students are being kidnapped. Is that how we are going to win the presidency in 2023? That is my genuine fear.

“Governor Wike, I have three prayers worth your esteemed attention: One, Ndigbo in Port Harcourt are not fighting you. From Eleme, Onne, Choba, etc, Igbos rush home at dusk in obedience to your curfew. If they are confrontational the majority of them would openly defy you. But they are obeying you not minding the hardship your curfew inflicts on them.

“My message to both Igbos and non-Igbos, therefore, is for them to continue to support their own governor in these trying moments. None must undermine the mandate Rivers people gave him to modernize their state. Anyone with useful information on these attacks should talk to the Rivers Police Command.

“Two, I appeal to His Excellency, Governor Wike, to kindly reconsider the lockdown. Any curfew from 7:00p.m.-6:00a.m. is no longer curfew but a lockdown of eleven hours. This is bad for socio-economic activities of a people who for the better part of 2020 were under global lockdown.

“And three, Your Excellency should stop making inflammatory statements capable of dividing us and tensing Rivers the more. It is unacceptable for His Excellency to say, for example, that those who carried out an attack are from the Ikwerre LGA even before a formal investigation is done. Allow the security agencies to investigate and arrest possible suspects. Their findings will then be handed over to you as the CSO. The Ministry of Justice to charge and prosecute those indicted is under you. But Your Excellency cannot be the investigator and prosecutor in your own case.

“In conclusion, sir, I put it on record that Governor Wike is one of few governors to appoint a non-indigene as full commissioner. That is the whole truth. Your Excellency appointed Emeka Onowu, a non-indigene, as commissioner. This lofty record of yours must never be tarnished in this eleventh hour. For instance, if one does good for three years only to start doing bad in the last four months of his office, people may forget the good things he did and judge him by the bad ones. Your Excellency should maximize what you are doing very well while minimizing any apparent mistake like this 7:00p.m.-6:00a.m. curfew.

“None on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, can dispute that Governor Wike is a possible presidential, or vice presidential, candidate. If so, Your Excellency will need the block votes of the South East and South South to get an edge over your opponents in the PDP primary. Your predecessor, His Excellency Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, is another strong presidential candidate on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

“We wish both of you luck. We also wish other contenders luck. But if we do not get it right, we will only end up reducing ourselves to a laughing stock. You cannot antagonize a people and still expect them to give you their votes in an election. Thank you, sir.”

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Why We Won’t Congratulate Oborevwori On Delta Gubernatorial Victory – Deta APC



URS Congratulates Omo-Agege, Oborevwori On Becoming Governorship Candidates
Omo-Agege and Oborevwori

The Delta All Progressives Congress, (APC), Campaign Council will not congratulate Sheriff Oborevwori on his winning the state gubernatorial election.

To the APC, Oborevwori’s victory at the gubernatorial election held on 18 March, as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is false and thus it stands rejected.

In a statement, Director, Communications and Media Strategy of the council, Ima Niboro, said that Oborevwori’s victory would be overturned by the sheer weight of evidence against it.

The candidate of the PDP, Sheriff Oborevwori, was on Monday, declared winner of the election by INEC.

Mr Oborevwori polled a total of 360,234 votes to defeat his closest opponent, Ovie Omo-Agege of the APC who scored 240,229 votes.

The APC campaign council said it has evidence that the process was characterised by irregularities and that the people of the state were denied the right to freely expressed their will.

“We have an entire arsenal of evidence showing the disenfranchisement of the people, non use of, and tampering with BVAS machines, declaring double results at polling units, issuing of fake result sheets to agents and uploading cooked up results into the BVAS.

“We also have evidence of widespread vote suppression, voter intimidation, thuggery and violence against our supporters. The PDP was at its worst during the election: wickedly denying the people of their will freely expressed at the polls.

“Look at the streets of Delta today. It is gloom everywhere. Our people are wearing long, mournful faces. No sign of jubilation anywhere. Our streets would have been throbbing with life, song and dance, were this the will of the people.This rape of the will of the people will not stand. It must not be allowed to stand,” it said

“We call on our party faithful and supporters to remain calm. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning,” it said.

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BREAKING: INEC Declares Oborevwori As Delta Governor-elect



Oborevwori Delta PDP Governorship Candidate
Sheriff Oborevwori

The Speaker of Delta State, Sheriff Oborevwori, on Monday afternoon got official recognition by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as the winner of last Saturday election.

Oborevwori polled 360,234 votes to defeat the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege.

Omo-Agege scored 240,229 votes while the Labour Party candidate, Kennedy Pela came a distant third with 48,047

Declaring the result at the state Collation Centre in Asaba, Returning Officer in the election, Prof. Abraham Georgewill Owunari said Oborevwori “having satisfied the requirements of the law, is hereby declared winner and returned elected.”

The PDP candidate won in 21 out of the 25 local government areas of the state, leaving Omo-Agege with only four.

A summary of the scores of the political parties are as follow:

Registered voters – 3,221,697
Accredited voters – 710,829

Accord – 930

AA – 66

ADC – 1,482

ADP – 1,081

APC – 240,229

APGA – 11,021

APM – 937

APP – 198

BP – 162

LP – 48,047

NNPP – 791

NRM – 612

PDP – 360,234

PRP -54

SDP – 4,639

YPP – 484

ZLP – 303

VALID votes – 671,737
REJECTED voted – 15,384
TOTAL votes cast – 687,121

Scores in each council by the three leading parties

Ika North-East LGA

Registered voters – 131,945
Accredited voters – 34,807

APC – 4,733
LP – 1,990
PDP – 26,760

Valid votes – 33,807
Rejected votes – 918
Total votes cast – 34,725

Aniocha North LGA

Registered voters – 89,010
Accredited voters – 16,846

APC – 4,386
LP – 1,883
PDP – 8,938

Valid votes – 16,316
Rejected votes – 530
Total votes cast -16,846

Ndokwa East LGA

Registered voters – 86,208
Accredited voters – 20,434

APC – 9,044
LP – 251
PDP – 10,146

Valid votes – 19,843
Rejected votes – 485
Total votes cast – 20,328

Ika South LGA

Registered voters — 100,599
Accredited voters – 27,800

APC – 6,790
LP – 4,495
PDP – 15,283

Valid votes – 27,149
Rejected votes – 651
Total votes cast – 27,800

Patani LGA

Registered voters – 49,385
Accredited voters – 11,421

APC – 4,743
LP – 85
PDP – 6,069

Valid votes – 11,183
Rejected votes – 238
Total votes cast – 11,421


Registered voters – 143,769
Accredited voters – 26,908

APC – 13,154
LP – 1,886
PDP – 9,746

Valid votes – 26,141
Rejected votes – 575
Total votes cast – 26,716

Sapele LGA

Registered voters – 145,024
Accredited voters – 30,983

APC – 12,090
LP – 1,458
PDP – 15,217

Valid votes – 29,815
Rejected votes – 957
Total votes cast – 30,772

Aniocha South LGA

Registered voters – 100,424
Accredited voters – 21,149

APC – 4,622
LP – 5,107
PDP – 10,032

Valid votes – 20,468
Rejected votes – 603
Total votes cast – 21,071

Uvwie LGA

Registered voters – 191,215
Accredited voters – 31,188

APC – 12,389
LP – 6,340
PDP – 9,776

Valid votes – 30,263
Rejected votes – 925
Total votes cast – 31,188

Okpe LGA

Registered voters – 117,111
Accredited voters – 25,724

APC – 8,679
LP – 1,155
PDP – 14,544

Valid votes – 25,027
Rejected votes – 691
Total votes cast – 25,718

Bomadi LGA

Registered voters – 103,261
Accredited voters – 17,946

APC – 4,728
LP – 100
PDP – 12,340

Valid votes – 17,559
Rejected votes – 379
Total votes cast – 17,938

Ethiope East LGA

Registered voters – 115,003
Accredited voters – 30466

APC – 11,600
LP – 350
PDP – 13,030

Valid votes – 27,814
Rejected votes – 805
Total votes cast – 28,619

Oshimili North LGA

Registered voters – 103,657
Accredited voters – 45,834

APC – 5,327
LP – 2,983
PDP – 35,966

Valid votes – 45,368
Rejected votes – 455
Total votes cast – 45,823

Warri South LGA

Registered voters – 187,140
Accredited voters – 32,959

APC – 11,569
LP – 3,743
PDP – 15,299

Valid votes – 31,768
Rejected votes – 982
Total votes cast – 32,750

Oshimili South LGA

Registered voters – 194,468
Accredited voters – 39,028

APC – 4,763
LP – 10,148
PDP – 23,149

Valid votes – 38,530
Rejected votes – 493
Total votes cast – 39,023

Isoko North LGA

Registered voters – 144,092
Accredited voters – 28,848

APC – 10,811
LP – 894
PDP – 15,899

Valid votes – 28,332
Rejected votes – 503
Total votes cast – 28,835

Ughelli South LGA

Registered voters – 136362
Accredited voters – 36136

APC – 15,620
LP – 571
PDP – 15,513

Valid votes – 34,820
Rejected votes – 574
Total votes cast – 35,394

Ethiope West LGA

Registered voters – 110,931
Accredited voters – 14,995

APC – 6,758
LP – 304
PDP – 7065

Valid votes – 14,374
Rejected votes – 452
Total votes cast – 14,826

Ughelli North LGA

Registered voters – 223,083
Accredited voters – 55,130

APC – 34,955
LP – 1,438
PDP – 15,198

Valid votes – 53,232
Rejected votes – 1,453
Total votes cast – 54,685

Isoko South LGA

Registered voters – 140,822
Accredited voters – 38,902

APC – 15,954
LP – 492
PDP – 19,963

Valid votes – 38,109
Rejected votes – 528
Total votes cast – 38,637

Ukwuani LGA

Registered voters – 89,658
Accredited voters – 24,108

APC – 7,591
LP – 791
PDP – 14,640

Valid votes – 23,596
Rejected votes – 485
Total votes cast – 24,081

Ndokwa West LGA

Registered voters – 104,574
Accredited voters – 27,883

APC – 10,252
LP – 935
PDP – 15,539

Valid votes – 26,989
Rejected votes – 536
Total votes cast – 27,525

Warri North LGA

Registered voters – 110,363
Accredited voters – 15,494

APC – 4,165
LP – 250
PDP – 10,367

Valid votes – 15,139
Rejected votes – 355
Total votes cast – 15,494

Burutu LGA

Registered voters – 112,867
Accredited voters – 25,627

APC – 11,736
LP – 123
PDP – 12,641

Valid votes – 24,962
Rejected votes – 564
Total votes cast – 25,526

Warri South-West LGA

Registered voters – 190,456
Accredited voters – 30,213

APC – 3,770
LP – 140
PDP – 7,114

Valid votes – 11,133
Rejected votes – 247
Total voters cast – 11,380

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BREAKING: PDP Chairman Beaten To Coma Dies



Peter Nweke

Peter Nweke, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman in Ezza North local government area, beaten to coma, is dead.

Nweke died from injuries he sustained from attacks by hoodlums suspected to be political thugs on Saturday during the Governorship and Assembly elections.

Police spokesperson, Onome Onovwakpoyeya confirmed the death of Nweke on Sunday.

She said Nweke was beaten up and rushed to the hospital unconscious where he was later pronounced dead by a doctor.

The police officer said the police had launched an investigation into the death with a view to arresting and prosecuting anyone responsible.

Nweke’s younger brother, Samson Nweke also confirmed the death.

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