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Arrest, Prosecute Witch-hunting Clerics – AfAW



Rights Group Lashes Out At Buhari, IGP Over Owerri Attacks

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) has urged the Nigerian Police to arrest and prosecute all pastors, mallams, and traditional priests who attribute individual or collective misfortunes, personal or family problems to witchcraft or occult individuals in families and communities.

This was contained in a statement by Dr. Leo Igwe. He continued: “Such mistaken assumptions are at the root of pervasive persecution and killing of alleged witches, especially the vicious treatment that is meted out to these innocent human beings. This call has become necessary following several cases of witch torture and murder that are linked to the instruction and declarations of pastors, mallams, prophets and prophetesses, and traditional priests/priestesses. Many people who have been arrested or convicted for killing alleged witches claimed to have indulged in these atrocious acts after consulting so-called godmen and women.

” It is common knowledge that faced with problems and challenges, some persons consult men and women of god and other ‘spiritually powerful’ people for answers and solutions. And people unquestionably believe what these self-acclaimed occult experts say.

“Too often, these charlatans attribute the cause of poverty and misery, unemployment, diseases, accidents, and deaths to witchcraft or some occult or magical malevolent force. Pastors and other self-styled men and women of god openly and publicly impute witchcraft; they incite violence, hatred, and persecution of alleged witches with impunity. They use the Bible, Quran, and tradition to justify their wild speculations and mistaken assumptions. Many clerics motivate witch believers to attack, and murder imagined evildoers and suspected agents of the occult in their families and communities.

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“For instance, in Ondo, a 30-year-old woman has confessed to killing the mother with a cutlass. She murdered the mother because a pastor revealed that the mother was a witch and was responsible for her health problems. The pastor made the revelation when the woman went to him for spiritual cleansing. In a related development, a pastor has also been linked to the attack and persecution of an alleged witch in Adamawa. In this case, the pastor claimed to have identified the woman as a witch while in a trance. Church members believed what the pastor said and descended on the woman. They beat and tortured her. They stripped her naked, injured and disgraced her. Pastors, Imams, traditional priests have been implicated in other cases of witch persecution in Ogun, Plateau, Cross River, Sokoto, etc. Unfortunately, these pastors or imams, prophets or prophetesses, traditional priests or priestesses are seldom arrested or punished.

“This trend must change if witch persecution and killing must stop in communities across the region. These godmen and women valorize witchcraft narratives and motivate witchcraft accusers to attack, torture and murder suspected witches. They enable and sanctify the injustice against alleged witches and therefore should not be allowed to go scot-free. Witch-hunting pastors and imams are accessories to the crime of witch persecution and murder. AFAW asks the police to take extra measures to combat witchcraft accusations, witch persecution, and killings. The police should rise to the occasion and ensure that witch imputing and witch finding pastors and imams pay for their crimes.”

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BREAKING: EFCC Arrests Bank Manager For Hoarding New Naira Notes



Court Clears Ex-Minister Of Corruption Charge By EFCC

As the Economic and Financial Commission (EFCC) continues its surveillance of financial institutions, it has arrested an operations manager of a leading commercial bank in the Abuja central area for hoarding the newly redesigned naira note.

The unnamed banker, was arrested for refusing to load the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), of the bank despite having N29million of the redesigned naira notes in the branch’s vaults.

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EFCC spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren said, “Before he was whisked away for further questioning, the operatives ordered the loading of all the ATMs and the payment of the stipulated amount across the counter to the delight of the distraught customers who had spent hours on queues without getting the new notes.

“This discovery, which indicates a sabotage of the government’s monetary policy by some banks, was made by the EFCC in continuation of the ongoing surveillance and visit to banks across the country to access their vaults and verify whether they were deliberately refusing to dispense the redesigned Naira notes.

“More than five bank branches were covered today by the operatives in Abuja.”

He further stated that similar exercises were ongoing in zonal commands across the country.

The operation will continue until normalcy is restored to the banking system.

The EFCC also noted that Nigerians finding it difficult to access their funds at any bank and suspects foul play should contact the commission, for immediate intervention.

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Aides Have Hijacked Leadership From Buhari – Babachir Lawal



Aides Have Hijacked Leadership From Buhari- - Babachir Lawal

President Muhammadu Buhari is no longer in charge of his government as some of his aides have hijacked his leadership of the country according to Babachir Lawal.

Babachir, a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, spoke when he appeared on Channels Television’s “The Verdict 2023”, on Friday night.

Speaking about the state of governance of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Lawal said things were out of the hands of the President.

He further stated that those in the present regime who had the ears of the president refused to carry out the expectations of the President or the public.

Lawal also said before the president’s election into office in 2015, he had shown a remarkable sense of leadership, while he previously held positions as governor of Borno State, Minister of Petroleum, and military Head of State, but had challenges with his “lieutenants”, and deciding who executed projects and orders when he came into power as President.

“Things are out of his hands, there’s no running away from that fact. There are people that do not take the orders they are given. As soon as they leave where the order is given, they go and do different things. There is nothing like cabal. There is no government that does not have an inner caucus. There’s no government. There are people who have the ears of the President, to whom the President by functionality, their functions in government, ought to do things, but they are not doing what the President tells them to do, or what the President expects them to do, or what society itself expects them to do.

“I can tell you this, I know President Buhari very well, even long before he became President, and most Nigerians also knew him. And the expectation was that based on his antecedents as former governor of Borno State, former Minister of Petroleum, and then President, he had shown a remarkable sense of ability to rule.

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“By 2015, we were almost at the same level where we are this time around; people were fed up. But when he got in, I think the President had issues with his lieutenants, about who executes the orders he gives, and who executes the policies that he makes. And that is really my own side of things.”

Asked about his switch from his support for, and membership of the ruling All Progressives Congress, to join the Labour Party which has Peter Obi as its presidential candidate, Babachir said: “I’ve seen the light; you can repent when you see the light. I’ve seen the light, I saw the light and I repented, I’m sorry. I did that before. The light is Peter Obi. The darkness is the old system that used to govern us, which is represented by both the PDP and the APC. No change. The same people, the same agbada, the same red face cap. The same people. So Nigerians have seen the light, not only me.”


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BREAKING: I’ll End Cash Crisis In Seven Days – Buhari



BREAKING: I'll End Cash Crisis In Seven Days - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged citizens to give him seven days to resolve the cash crunch that has become a problem across the country from the Central Bank of Nigeria policy to change high-value naira notes with new ones.

During the Progressives Governors’ Forum who paid him a visit at the Presidential Villa to seek solutions to the cash crunch which they said was threatening the good records of the administration in transforming the economy, Buhari said the currency re-design would give a boost to the economy and provide long-term benefits. He expressed doubts about the commitment of banks in particular to the success of the policy.

“Some banks are inefficient and only concerned about themselves”, said the president, “even if a year is added, problems associated with selfishness and greed won’t go away.”

He said he had seen television reports about cash shortages and hardship to local businesses and ordinary people and gave assurances that the balance of seven of the 10-day extension would be used to crack down on whatever stood in the way of successful implementation.

“I will revert to the CBN and the minting company. There will be a decision one way or the other in the remaining seven days of the 10-day extension,” the president was quoted to have said in a statement released by his spokesman, Garba Shehu.

The governors told the president that while they agreed that his decision on the currency redesign was good and that they were fully in support, its execution had been botched and their constituents were becoming increasingly upset.

They told the president that, as leaders of the government and party in their different states, they were becoming anxious about a slump in the economy and the series of elections that are coming.

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They requested the president to use his powers to direct the concurrent use of the new and old notes till the end of the year.

The president said when he considered giving approval to the policy, he demanded an undertaking from the CBN that no new notes would be printed in a foreign country and they, in turn, gave him assurances that there was enough capacity, manpower and equipment to print the currency for local needs. He said he needed to go back to find out what was actually happening.

Buhari told the governors that, being closer to the people, he had heard their cries and would act in a way that there would be a solution.


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