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Police Arrest Five More Suspected Killers Of Fasoranti’s Daughter



Police Arrest Five More Suspected Killers Of Fasoranti's Daughter

The police have arrested five more suspected killers of Mrs Funke Olakunri, 58-year-old daughter of the former national leader of the pan-Yoruba socio-political group Afenifere Pa Reuben Fasoranti.

Mrs Olakunri was gruesomely murdered in July, 12, 2019 by suspected kidnappers along the Ore-Lagos highway. The suspects include Lawal Mazaje, 40, from Felele, Kogi State; Adamu Adamu, 50, from Jada in Adamawa State; Mohammed Usman, 26, from Illela, Sokoto State and Auwal Abubakar, 25, from Shinkafi, Zamfara State.

Four suspects had earlier been arrested by the police, in connection with the murder case and had been arraigned before the court. They include Muhammed Shehu, 26, Mazaje Lawal, 40, Adamu Adamu, 60 and Awalu Abubakar, 25.

They were arraigned on a three- count charge of conspiracy to kill, murder and kidnap at an Akure High Court presided over by Justice Bode Adegbehingbe. Their trials had been on since August last year, however with the additional five suspects arrested, this brought the total number of the suspects to nine. The arrest of five more suspects by men of Force CID, SWAT in connection with the murder was revealed at the resumption of the case at the court by the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, Grace Olowoporoku.

She said that the five suspects were arrested following the continuous mentioning of their names during investigation.
Olowoporoku, therefore, applied for a short adjournment to enable the prosecution to conclude investigation on the new suspects. She equally told the court that the IPO of the case was in court along with three of the suspects. The trial judge, Justice Bode Adegbehingbe has adjourned the case till April 27, 29, 30 and May 5, 2021 for the continuation of hearing.

Four suspected killers earlier arrested by the police were also alleged to have murdered one Ogunbiyi Matthew aged 65 and also kidnapped one Gerald Igboayaka the same day Funke Olakunri was murdered along Ore/ ljebu Ode Expressway on July 12th last year.

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During the trial, the charges were interpreted to the four suspects in Hausa language. It reads “that Mohammed Shehu Is an, Mazaje Lawal, Adamu Adamu, and Awalu Abubakar and others now at large on or before the 12th day of July, 2019 at about 0900hrs at Tollgate along Ore/ljebu Ode Expressway, within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court did conspire together to commit felony to wit: Murder and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under Section 516 Of Criminal Code, Cap 37; Vol. I, Laws of Ondo State 2006.

“That Mohammed Shehu Is an, Mazaje Lawal, Adamu Adamu, and Awalu Abubakar and others now at large on or before the 12th day of July, 2019 at about 0900hrs st Tollgate along Ore/Ijebu Ode Expressway, within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court did murder one Olufunke Olakunrin (Nee Fasoranti) ‘f’ aged 58-year contrary to and punishable under Section 316 of the Criminal Code, Cap 37, Vol. 1, Laws of Ondo State of Nigeria, 2006.

“That Mohammamed Shehu Usman, Mazaje Lawal, Adamu Adamu, and Awalu Abubakar and others now at large on or before the 12‘“ day of July, 2019 at about 0900hrs at Tollgate along Ore/ljebu Ode Expressway, within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court did murder one Ogunbiyi Matthew ‘m’ aged 65-year contrary to and punishable under Section 316 of the Criminal code, Cap36, Vol. 1 Laws of Ondo State of Nigeria, 2006.

“That you Mohammed Shehu, Mazaje Lawal, Adamu Adamu, and Awalu Abubakar and others now at large on or before the 12th day of July, 2019 at Honorable Court did kidnap one Gerald Igboayaka and thereby committed and of fence contrary to and punishable under Section 3(ii) (b) of the Ondo State Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Abduction Law, 2010.”

The four defendants who had no representation in court, however, pleaded not guilty to all the charges pressed against them.

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Accra, Ghanaians Bubbling With Evelyn Joshua’s SCOAN Revival



Pastor Evelyn Joshua

Ghanaians are bubbling with excitement and high expectations ahead of February 9, 2024 SCOAN Revival with Pastor Evelyn Joshua. The revival promises to be another big statement in evangelism and charity works that have become synonymous with The Synagogue, Church of All Nations.

Residents and people from neighbouring countries are besieging the city in full optimism and passion for the miracles they are anticipating as can be seen in their excitement whenever vehicles carrying the crusade banners pass through the streets.

“Regardless of what anti-christ people and spiritual ignoramuses may say, we that have known and benefited from God’s raw power and love in TBJoshua know him to be a great man of God and that grace has continued to flourish in Pastor Evelyn Joshua”, said  an eminent personality inside his exotic car in the traffic.

The atmosphere is getting more electrifying. This writer’s visit to The SCOAN Ghana branch revealed many things: church workers were in their hundreds, working and putting in place logistics for the event. One conspicuous thing about them was the passion with which they were working. Also, sick people and those in search of spiritual succor have thronged the church to be registered for the prayer line.

A member of the ministry who is on ground in Accra, Mr Segun Olanipekun, said, “The atmosphere is fully charged. The expectations are high and people are in high spirit. People are prepared to receive the touch of God because the turnout of people at last Sunday’s service in Ghana was overwhelming with uncountable number of cars parked on both sides of the road leading to the church. This shows that people are now hungrier to have an encounter with God.”

On the forthcoming revival during her closing remarks at The SCOAN Sunday service on February 4, 2024, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said The SCOAN would continue to evangelize as long as satan himself is not relenting on his mission of stealing, killing and destruction.

“We shall continue to evangelize with our mission of changing lives, changing nations and changing the world. The Ghana revival is another opportunity for us to experience God’s touch on humanity,” she said.

The Ghana revival with Pastor Evelyn Joshua on Friday February 9, 2024 will be followed by the Partners’ Meeting on Saturday  on February 10 while Monday February 12 will be for a charity programme.

Since the demise of the founder of the ministry, Prophet TB Joshua, the new leadership led by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, has vowed to sustain his legacy of winning souls to the kingdom and bringing hope to the hopeless in a world full of troubles.

Honourable David Apasera, a former member of the ECOWAS Parliament and also the leader of the People’s National Convention in Ghana has this to say: “This is a great occasion and this year is an election year for Ghana. We need the intervention of the Lord and we know that with the coming of our mother, we are expecting a lot of deliverance and also healing for our land so that there would be peace. This is why we are singing in expectation.”

Honourable Samuel Jabanyite, a former parliamentarian, Chereponi and CEO SATCO Limited speaks with enthusiasm: “I am particularly very happy with the arrival of our mother. The Lord has used her and we have seen how the church has grown from strength to strength both in Ghana here, in Nigeria and all over the world. Her coming here is going to be an opportunity for God to use her to break down bondages and free people from all their spiritual attacks and then bring them closer to God. We expect her to pray for our country, especially because this is a year of elections.”

Another public servant, Hon Dominic Azumah, a former parliamentarian and Minister of State was not left behind: “I am here to welcome mama to Ghana. I have followed closely her performances since she took over the mantle of leadership of the church. It is our prayer that the good Lord will touch her heart to revolutionize the church. It is my prayer that the good Lord will use her mightily to bless our country Ghana. We pray that she would add us into her prayer so that we can have a smooth transition into the next government. We pray for a fruitful visit. As a country we have faced a myriad of problems. First and foremost is the issue of peace. If there is peace in this country, other things will follow. Economic benefits will come. When there is no peace these benefits will not come.”

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Thousands Of Emmanuel TV Fans Move From DSTV To HD Decoders



Pastor Evelyn Joshua

In a move that  is similar to mass protests, thousands of Emmanuel TV fans, the broadcasting arm of Synagogue Church Of All Nations SCOAN are moving away with enthusiasm from the DSTV cable platform to Free to Air (FTA) Decoder.

This followed the delisting of the channel on the 17th January this year from its platform on an unsubstantiated allegation which viewers have described as “flimsy and spurious”.

Our investigations show that DSTV wrote to SCOAN alleging that viewers of Emmanuel TV were no longer strong enough for it to retain the Christian channel on its stable. But SCOAN disagreed with the DSTV’s allegation and made a request for an empirical proof which DSTV failed to provide and still went ahead to remove the channel in what looked like a premeditated decision.

Our investigations also show that Emmanuel TV before now had been under pressure and attack for “airing offensive broadcasts against the mental health of some people in the world”. These so-called offended people are those in the categories of LGTBQ people who manifested and received deliverance during SCOAN’s services. This obviously is the crux of the matter as the church has no control over whom the holy spirit would arrest during its church services.

In Lagos, Nigeria, Mr. Mohammed Rasak, a technician has been experiencing a boom in his business. He stated how occupied he had been in the last few days installing HD Decoders for people. “I was wondering why so many people are buying HD Decoders not until these clients told me it was because of Emmanuel TV. Personally I must confess I am a Muslim but DSTV has really fumbled by removing Emmanuel TV because we all love the channel and TBJoshua as a Christian Pastor that stands out in the world. We all knew him and saw his lifestyle; the great spiritual and philanthropic activities that were all transparent to see. His life was practical, even we Muslims love him because of his outstanding legacies in body soul and spirit. Nobody can tell us nonsense about him. It’s a good season for my business”.

Consequently, SCOAN in its Sunday service had announced its migration from DSTV, GOTV and all other pay cable platforms asking all Emmanuel TV viewers across the globe to follow suit to Free To Air FTA High Definition HD Decoder, Apple TV, FireTV stick, Roku TV, Google TV all to be downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play where “accessing Emmanuel TV is about to become more versatile, more convenient and more reliable”.

That was the command and it has gone like a bush fire among its members and lovers of Emmanuel TV.

A career diplomat who does not want his name in print has this to say: “I really don’t have facts on the matter but my immediate thought from the smokes was that it has to do with the same issue YouTube frowned at which is talking about homosexuality. The west is very intolerant of any criticism of the demonic practice. DSTV may actually be fighting a proxy war for the west” he said.

The migration from DSTV family is now ‘operation totality’. From the South to North and East to West especially in the African continent where we have tried to feel the pulse of the people.

Mrs okuwengu Nancy a public affairs guru in East Africa has this to say: “I understand that being with DSTV is not at all a cost effective venture because it is ridiculously expensive for both the church and users. I also noticed from various calls made to me by Kenyans and Nations around that they too will no longer use DSTV because they mainly needed it for Emmanuel TV. The only thing they will miss in DSTV is football but other streaming services like Netflix are cheaper and give equally good entertainment like movies. People are moving to free to air decoders”.

Mr. Nematandam Kirstan, a South African tycoon has this to say: “The biggest loser is DSTV. With the latest technical innovations we can watch Emmanuel TV in various platforms. Your mobile phone creates lots of platforms for you. Many are now moving to watch Emmanuel TV on Free to Air channel.
What happened to the era of the print media? You can now access any newspaper on your mobile. AI is now giving challenges to institutions of higher learning. Stock markets are running Helter skelter because AI assists traders to trade with ease. Pay TV will soon run out of subscribers.

“Of course ours could also be a spiritual thing but it’s too late now. God has created more platforms for Emmanuel TV. Emmanuel TV will increase its viewership because of the Free to Air Decoders, social media etc. Ordinary people who could not afford DSTV can now enjoy the blessings of Emmanuel TV”.

To Hillary Njau in Tanzania: DSTV attack on Emmanuel TV is actually a blessing in disguise. It has created more awareness for it and many people including fresh ones are all moving to Free to Air Decoders because of Emmanuel TV”.

Mr. Kabango from Malawi was visibly angry with the DSTV’s decision: “Well, the motive behind the whole movie does not make sense to me. Look here, how can praying for someone who freely decided to come to church and ask for God’s help with same-sex attraction issues now be classified as hate speech?

“Are people forced to go to church? No! Are people pressed to be delivered? No! So, why make a decision which will affect millions of people who bank on the channel for prayers on such a premise?
“Where I stay, about 30people gather at one house to watch prayers on Sunday. Closing the channel means these people would not be able to watch prayers just because of someone who feels his/her right has been violated. Dstv is not fair by its autocratic decision but thank God for free to air decoder now available”.

To Winnie Nations, a media practitioner in in East Africa: “It’s anachronistic for DSTV to delist Emmanuel TV especially now in the light of the unacceptable BBC poor movies called investigative journalism. Their objective is to leave Emmanuel TV viewers hanging and possibly get them scattered so that if possible they won’t hear of the church again. But God is greater than them all. The gate of hell shall not prevail. We understand their deceits because God has given us grace to see beyond their conspiracies. Emmanuel TV is moving higher with free to air Decoders that people are now trooping to have”

Mr. Orji Onyekwere in Lagos has this to say in his reaction: “It’s really surprising Knowing that Emmanuel TV has a lot of followers all over the world and that also means more subscription for the DStv and GOtv channels. However, you cannot remove the role of the imperialist, I mean the world powers; who are now doing everything to turn the Bible upside down by encouraging gay practice and doing everything to make sure the whole world accepts that misnomer. So, by yanking Emmanuel TV off the DStv and GOtv channels, they are determined to fight the church through all means.
They know how powerful Emmanuel TV is and the lives the channel have touched and is still touching but nobody can fight God.

“Going on free to air platforms will also afford a lot of the faithful that cannot subscribe to the exorbitant price of DStv and GOtv bouquets to get a more profitable alternative that will cost them nothing.

“So, it’s all the pay Tv platforms that are losing this time and not Emmanuel TV or Synagogue Church Of All Nations SCOAN”.

Mr. Abraham Showunmi, a Forensic Chartered Accountants was completely upset by the erratic decision of DSTV against Emmanuel TV: ” I have four DSTV decoders for my different outfits. They called me for a promotional offer.
I declined the offer for the sole reason that they removed Emmanuel tv from their decoder. They promised to get back to me. I told them that it’s not necessary because I will never subscribe to them again.

“From this charade of both BBC and DSTV, I can see that the time for our church’s promotion has come with all these trials of faith and persecutions.The Lord is our strength.
Love is our weapon against our enemies. Our battle is the Lord’s,” he stated.

From all indications, notwithstanding the DSTV’s bullets against Emmanuel TV, the SCOAN’s Christian channel is waxing stronger as more platforms are now available for its lovers.

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Police Arrest Five Robbery Suspects, Recover Two Cars In Ogun



Ogun State Police Commissioner Abiodun Alamutu

Operatives of the Ogun State Police Command have arrested five new suspects in connection with the recent robbery attacks and killings in some parts of the state, particularly at the Gateway Polytechnic, Saapade.

The command also announced that it has recovered two Lexus cars stolen during the recent robbery attacks. The state’s Commissioner of police, Alamutu, made the disclosure earlier today while speaking on the security situation across today.

Recall that some suspected armed robbers recently invaded communities hosting students of the Gateway Polytechnic, Saapade in Remo North Local Government Area of Ogun State, robbing and shooting some of the students.

According to Alamutu, operatives of the command in Remo North Division had received a distress call on 2/12/23, about 3:00 a.m., that some armed robbers were on rampage within their community. The Divisional Police Officer led his men to respond to the distress call and met a group of armed robbers.

He added that there was an exchange of gunfire between the police and the armed men. In their bid to escape, they shot at four (4) students who were walking along the road and made away with a Lexus car they had earlier snatched at gun point from another student. One of the victims of gun shots reportedly died on his way to the hospital while the three others were treated and discharged.

The police later tracked the stolen Lexus car to the Oke Itoku area of Abeokuta, the state capital where it was recovered. Another Lexus car, discovered to have been snatched at the Ajuwon area of the state by the same gang, was also recovered.

The police said some members of the gang were later arrested through intelligence gathering while a member of another gang that robbed people of their phones at gun point was also nabbed.

“He had escaped into the bush upon the arrival of policemen at the scene but was later fished out with the help of the locals. As we speak, about eight police patrol teams now operate within the area,” Alamutu added.

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