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Tribute To The Queen Elizabeth II

The Woman
By Victoria Praise Abraham

She gets up at 4am daily, ready for another day’s grind.
She is heartbroken but has to be strong for her sons and daughters.
She debates on what to wear in her mind for the day’s job.
She is the CEO at Manhattan Bank in the USA.

She is the market woman at Agodi in south west Nigeria.
She is the Director General at the World Trade Centre…..
She is the wife of the President of America….Becoming!
She is the new appointed Vice President of the United States of America.

She is the cleaner at the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos Nigeria.
She is the banker in South Africa.
She is the bestselling author tucked away in Ipaja, Lagos.
She is the housewife in Saudi Arabia.

She is the world-class fashion designer in Paris.
She is the lawyer-turned world-class cobbler in Ikorodu Lagos.
She is the single mother of three in London.

She is the duchess who desires to make Nigerian dishes become a global phenomenon.
She is the professor- turned global leader and educator who has a heart of gold.
She is the pastor’s wife who juggles many roles as wife, mother, counsellor and teacher.
She is everywhere all over the globe, rising early, finishing late, striving, struggling, flourishing and shattering ceilings that had been previously impossible to shatter.

She is strong yet weak.
She is tough yet soft.
She is great yet uncelebrated.
She is hardworking yet underpaid.
She is a genius yet called stupid.
She is needed, necessary and vital to global growth and development yet undervalued by most.

She is the woman,
She is the wife,
She is the mother,
She is the lover.
She is the friend,
She is the sister,
She is the teacher,
She is the counsellor,
She is the prayer warrior,
She is the cleaner and
She is the CEO!

Today the 8th of March I celebrate every woman on earth……
The great and the small.
The rich and the poor.
The celebrated and the hated,
The beautiful and the unattractive.

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Everywoman, all women everywhere, I celebrate us all.
We are awake now!
We are taking our place!
We are emerging and becoming!
We are globe setters, glass ceiling shatterers.


It is our time to shine bright!
It is our time to champion new causes!
It is our time to blaze new trails.
It is our time to take new territories!
It is 4am again!
I rise!
I shine!
I triumph!

It is a new day!
It is a new dawn!
It is a new season!

Bestselling Author … Victoria Praise Abraham

VPA Global Network Series… March 8, 2021

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Arts & Culture

Ghana University Holds Art Talk With Toyin Falola



Prof. Falola’s Art Talk is part of the project ‘Back to the Small Stage’, a journey conceived by Rebecca De Marchi to meet thinkers and reflect on how the production of knowledge starting from the Earth generates a variety of worlds and ways of inhabiting and using them. The project’s title takes inspiration from ‘The Monadology’ by Leibniz and refers to the immanent life after death. Using the fold metaphor, Deleuze suggests the discovery of connections between incompossible worlds.

In the Art Talk, Prof. Falola will reflect on the worlds shaped by ritual archives, organic libraries and African science and technology and their contemporary potentiality in a post-colonial and post-human scenario.

Toyin Falola, Professor of History, University Distinguished Teaching Professor, and the Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities, the University of Texas at Austin. He is an Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town, and Extraordinary Professor of Human Rights, University of the Free State. He had served as the General Secretary of the Historical Society of Nigeria, the President of the African Studies Association, Vice-President of UNESCO Slave Route Project, and the Kluge Chair of the Countries of the South, Library of Congress. He is a member of the Scholars’ Council, Kluge Center, the Library of Congress. He has received over thirty lifetime career awards and fourteen honorary doctorates. He has written extensively on the humanities, including The Humanities in Africa: Knowledge Production, Universities, and the Production of Knowledge, and a forthcoming book by Rochester University Press, Decolonizing African Studies: Knowledge Production, Agency, and Voices. Professor Toyin Falola is a celebrated author, editor, writer, poet, academic leader, organizer, teacher, Pan-Africanist, and a visionary of extraordinary grace, talent, and accomplishments. An author and editor of over one hundred and fifty books on Africa and the African Diaspora, he has been invited to speak in all continents, and in over sixty countries, and widely proclaimed as Africa’s preeminent historian and one of the major intellectuals of our time. Many of his books have received awards, defined various fields, and inspired the writings of various critical works. He manages five distinguished scholarly monograph series, and serves on the board of over twenty journals. Being a global icon in African Studies, Toyin Falola has received several honorary doctorates across the globe.

‘Back to the Small Stage’ project is supported by the Italian Council, having as cultural partners SCCA Tamale and KNUST Kumasi (in Ghana), Leibniz Archive Hannover and M. Bassy Hamburg (Germany), and Associazione Isole Palermo and IUNO Roma (Italy).

The Art Talk is made in collaboration with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Department of Painting and Sculpture, The University of Texas, and the Pan-African University Press.

Date: Monday, Jun 12, 2023 ⋅ 3pm Ghana / 10am Austin / 4pm Nigeria
Venue: blaxTARLINES, KNUST, Kumasi (and live on blaxTARLINES’ Facebook and Instagram)
Join Live:

ID meeting: 842 7780 5325
Passcode: 049252

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Toyin Falola, Citizenship And The Diaspora In The Digital Age: Farooq Kperogi And The Virtual Community



Citizenship and the Diaspora in the Digital Age: Farooq Kperogi and the Virtual Community (Africa: Past, Present, and Prospects) | © May 2023 | ISBN: 9781666933413 | By Toyin Falola

Book Details

Publisher‏: ‎ Lexington Books (May 2023)

Language‏: ‎ English

Paperback: ‎ 384 pages

ISBN: ‎ 9781666933413


• Acknowledgment

• Preface And Prologue

• Table of Contents

• Introduction


Chapter 1: Building an Online Audience

Chapter 2: Philosophical Foundations

Chapter 3: Black Cultures


Chapter 4: The Decay in Pre-Tertiary Education in Nigeria

Chapter 5: ASUU and the Decay in Tertiary Education

Chapter 6: Comparing Higher Education in Nigeria and America

Chapter 7: Politicizing: Media Communications in A Democracy

Chapter 8: The English of the Nation

Chapter 9: Comparative “Englishes”

Chapter 10: Societal Decadence

Chapter 11: A Nation on the Boil


Chapter 12: Assessment, Expansion and Evaluation

In Citizenship and the Diaspora in the Digital Age: Farooq Kperogi and the Virtual Community, Toyin Falola examines how the members of the Nigerian diaspora create a virtual community and instrumentalize the digital age to speak about the nation and its failures, possibilities, and promises. This book depicts individuals’ relationships with society and how the world’s progressive shift toward technology and globalization does not disregard the concept of society and its members. As a result of this shift, people have been migrating to new places without giving up their citizenship in their home countries. This book explores how migrants are focused on the idea of a virtual community, examines how citizens’ roles have evolved through time, and displays society’s essential principles in this light.

Furthermore, it evaluates social commentaries enhanced by the dynamics of the digital age, such as societal issues like education in Nigeria, the question of democracy, challenges facing the country, and the development of a national language. Many of these societal challenges are examined in this book from the perspective of Farooq Kperogi, who has conducted extensive studies and published on the above themes. This is balanced against emerging facts, Nigerians’ positions, and disregarded realities. Kperogi’s relentless writings on Nigeria make him a preeminent figure whose positions are valuable to the understanding of modern Nigeria.

Toyin Falola is a Professor of History, University Distinguished Teaching Professor, and the Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities at the University of Texas at Austin, USA. He has received over thirty lifetime career awards and sixteen honorary doctorates. He has written extensively on the African Diaspora, including The African Diaspora: Slavery, Modernity, and Globalization.

Find More:

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BREAKING: After Subsidy Removal, NNPC Increases Petrol Price To Over N500



Senator Withdraws Support For Tinubu Over Choice Of Muslim Running Mate
President Tinubu

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) on Wednesday adjusted the pump price of petrol by over 100% to between N488 and N557.

The development followed the announcement by President Bola Tinubu during his inaugural address on Monday that fuel subsidy was ‘gone’.

However, it was learnt that the president will meet with organised labour from 2pm Thursday (today) afternoon.

The prices have now been adjusted upward from between N189 to N194 to N537 per litre in Abuja and other North-central States.

For Lagos and other South-west states, a litre of fuel now sells for between N488 and N500 per litre.

In the South-east, the price will range from N515 to N520, while in the North-west, the price of the product was raised to N540. In the North-east, it moved from N199 to N557 per litre.

For the South-south, it is now from N511 to N525 per litre. Nigeria’s subsidy budget of N3.6 trillion for this year, expires in June, 2023.

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