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The Power Of Imagination



Poverty, Ignorance As Political Weapons


Victoria Praise Abraham

Imagination can be defined simply as the power to see what you desire clearly in your heart and mind and to live it out in the realm of the physical. This is my own simple definition of the word imagination.

According to the dictionary meaning of the word imagination, imagination can be defined as.
The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. A mental image formed by the action of the imagination as a faculty; a conception; a notion; an imagining; something imagined.

The ability to confront and deal with reality by using the creative power of the mind; resourcefulness.
Anything imagined; mental image; creation of the mind; fancy.

The ability to understand and appreciate imaginative creations of others, esp. works of art and literature.

The image-making power of the mind; the act of creating or reproducing ideally an object not previously perceived; the ability to create such images.
Imagination is one of the most advanced of human faculties.
Some common synonyms for the word imagination include….words like…

Creative power, interest, fascination, attention, passion, mind’s eye, vision, creativity, inspiration, insight and ingenuity. Our imagination matters a lot. It determines how our lives play out daily in the physical world. It is true that we cannot see our imagination or the power of our imagination but the truth of the matter is that our imagination plays a huge part in our lives. If we do not use our imaginations very well to our advantage then we short-change and short-circuit our lives and our destinies.

Our imagination determines what we see and how we see things. My question to you today is simple, what do you see? How do you see?
Where do you see yourself 1, 5, 10 years from now?

It is important that we see our future clearly in our mind’s eyes through the power of our imagination. What do you see yourself achieving this year, what plans have you put in place to ensure that what you see and desire plays out daily in your life?
It is not just about seeing, it is about doing what we see in our minds especially if our imagination is wired positively and powerfully. The imagination can be used positively and negatively. We can use our imagination to come up with evil and wicked schemes or we can use it to better our lives and the lives of those around us.
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Every big idea that is conceived in the minds of great thinkers and executors is as a result of the imagination at work. You can imagine a better life for yourself. You can imagine a better world and actually take concrete steps to bring your imagination to life.
Everything both good and evil is conceived in our minds and our minds house our imagination.
It is important that we feed our minds with positive and powerful thoughts so that our imaginations can be enhanced positively and powerfully and this will better enhance the power and productivity of our lives.

You have to expand your thinking, you must begin to think differently and to think big! A small thinking person can only produce small results while a great thinking person would produce great results. THINK BIG!

Most of us have very low self-esteem and self-picture of ourselves. We cannot think beyond our environments and we are wired by the environment to think small and we are daily confined by our thinking and by our environments. We can only imagine the now but to really make lasting impact and wield great influence we must Change the image on the inside.

We must see a better version of ourselves. We must determine that our environments will not confine us and that our minds will expand, grow and become a power house where we can use the power of our imaginations to change our individual world and the world at large.
See yourself great
See yourself blessed.
See yourself flourishing.
See yourself free.
See yourself strong.
See yourself able
See yourself accomplishing great success daily
See great expansions in your business.
Use your imagination to birth your greatness.
Your imagination is your spiritual room.

It is your place of conception. You must see all the changes you desire to see, in your life. You need to allow the word of God to paint new pictures of your future.
Replace your ideas with the word of God.
Let the word of God daily paint the pictures of your desired future.
See yourself blessed!

What is the picture of a blessed person look like? You cannot be blessed and be broke. Cast out the picture of broke beggarly and needy from your imagination.

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Reconstruct your life using the tool of the word of God.
See yourself great.
See yourself in your own home.
See yourself the preferred, see yourself healthy, wealthy, blessed, free, rich, respected, flourishing, loved, sought-after in your own homes all over the world travelling all over the globe in your own vehicles, and your own private jet, yacht and buildings.

You must shatter to pieces all the vexation with poverty, failure, defeat, pain, sorrow and shame.
You must fill your heart and mind with pictures of a blessed man or woman, soaring, reigning, thriving and flourishing. Change your mind from bondage to freedom, poverty to riches/wealth
Tenant to landlord, beggar to lender, ugly to beautiful being, helped always to helping others always, small to great, cursed to blessed, sickly to healed,healthy, well, owners of battered car to owners of ten-twenty new vehicles, all kinds of vehicles, thousanaire to trillionare, moving with the poor to hanging with the rich and powerful, barely managing and struggling to daily thriving, reigning and flourishing, fearful and bound, to faithful, courageous, bold and powerful.

See it, speak it, confess it, dream it, conceive it, be it!!!
Imagine a brand new you living the very life you have always prayed and always desired. Practice these thoughts as from today till they happen in your life and see a totally transformed you going forward. See you at the topmost top shortly!

Abraham is the CEO, Vic-Abraham Media NG. LTD.

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Court Jails APC Senator Seven Years For Fraud



Court Jails APC Senator Seven Years For Fraud

The Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Peter Nwaoboshi of the All Progressives Congress (APC) , has been sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.

The Court of Appeal in Lagos on Friday also ordered that the senator’s two companies, Golden Touch Construction Project Ltd and Suiming Electrical Ltd, be wound up in line with the provisions of Section 22 of the Money Laundering Prohibition Act 2021.

The court’s ruling was delivered in an appeal challenging the judgment of Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke of the Federal High Court which on June 18, 2021, discharged and acquitted the defendants on two counts of fraud and money laundering. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) which arraigned him however challenged the lower court’s decision.

EFCC had arraigned the three defendants over the acquisition of a property named Guinea House, Marine Road, in Apapa, Lagos, for N805 million.

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Part of the money paid to the vendor – N322 million transferred by Suiming Electrical Ltd on behalf of Nwaoboshi and Golden Touch Construction Project Ltd – was alleged to be part of proceeds of fraud.

Earlier in his judgment, Justice Aneke said the evidence of the prosecutor “proved that the third defendant obtained a loan of N1.2 billion from Zenith Bank to purchase additional equipment and as provision of working capital”.

“It also proved that the loan of N1.2 billion together with interest of N24 million was properly granted to the third defendant .Nothing else was proved by the complainant or prosecutor in this case,” the EFCC quoted the judge as saying in a statement.

The high court judge was also quoted as claiming that a fatal blow was dealt to the case of the prosecution by its failure to call officials of Sterling Bank “to testify and probably tender exhibits F and F10. Consequently, he discharged and acquitted the defendants”.

However, ruling on the EFCC’s appeal on Friday, the Court of Appeal held that the trial judge erred in dismissing the charges against the respondents.

“The court said the prosecution had proved the ingredients of the offence and consequently found the defendants guilty as charged,” EFCC said.


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Drama In Court As Lawyer Appears In Priestly Attire



VIDEO: Drama As Lawyer In Priestly Attire Appears In Court

By John Michael Ojo
There was a mild drama today at the Okpoko Magistrate Court in the Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State, as a lawyer simply identified as Ogbachalu Goshen appeared before the court in a pastoral robe.

But Ogbachalu who was standing before the magistrate, CB Mbaegbu, was denied  hearing on the ground that he was not properly attired, leading to a minor incident in the court.

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However,  citing a recent Supreme Court’s judgment which supported the wearing of hijab by female students in public schools as a reference point, Ogbachalu reminded the court that it was his right to dress in his priestly attire as he was an ordained pastor and that the objection by the court to hear him, was an infringement on his fundamental human right as enshrined in section 38 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The magistrate however disagreed his submission which only forced the court to dismiss.


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Court Orders Immigration, Banks To Release David Ukpo’s Details To Ekweremadu



Court Orders Immigration, Banks To Release David Ukpo's Details To Ekweremadu

To enable detained former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu to effectively defend himself in London, a Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday ordered the Nigerian Immigration Service and three banks to immediately release details of David Ukpo to him.

Justice Inyang Ekwo issued the order while delivering judgment in a suit instituted by Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice.

The judgment against the defendants followed their non-appearance in court to defend the suit.

By the court order, all official information including the account opening package in relation to Ukpo are to be released to Senator Ekweremadu to ascertain the real age of the said Ukpo.

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Ukpo had claimed at a London court that he was a minor of 15 years old which led to the arrest and detention of the Nigerian Senator.

Other defendants are the Comptroller General (C-G), Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS); Stanbic-IBTC Bank, United Bank of Africa (UBA), and Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc as 2nd to 5th respondents, respectively.


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