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Northern Governors, Elders Meet To Douse Ethnic Tensions



State Governors Meet Over COVID-19 Vaccination Today

Amid growing ethnic tensions in different parts of the country, northern governors and elders in the region have met to chart a path to peace.
The northern governors were led by their chairman and governor of Plateau State Simon Lalong while the elders under the aegis of Northern Elders Forum were led by the forum’s chairman,Prof. Abdullahi Ango.

After the meeting that lasted for about four hours, Governor Simon Lalong told reporters that the gathering was because of ethnic crises in the southern part of the country especially in the South West,occasioned by quite notices and the Shasha crisis in Oyo State.
According to him,the meeting was aimed at exploring avenues with a view to calming down frayed nerves thus de-escalating tension that could arise from the developments.

Explaining the essence of the meeting with the Northern elders, Lalong said:”This is a delegation of Northern elders led by Prof. Ango Abdullahi. It is part of our engagements since we have these quit notices here and there and then the problems in the country. “
He continued:”As Northern governors, we have to engage some of our leaders and to find ways of calming nerves.

“Today,we just came back from Kaduna after the North West meeting with security organisations. We just had a fruitful discussion with the Northern elders this evening and part of the meeting was to find ways of calming the nerves and also assuring our northern brothers that measures are being taken.
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“We don’t want to talk about asking people to go away but when you have issues like these,you look at the way forward, very mature way forward and that was what we discussed and then also,to address some of the issues,the problem that is expected on the side of government,both federal and state governments in the North.”

According to him,”The bottomline is to find a way forward – to make progress in the North end also in Nigeria.”

“As I’m talking to you now, after our meeting in Kaduna, our governors sent a delegation to go to Oyo and they are right now in Ibadan to assess the situation there and see the truth about what is really happening to Northerners in the South West and then bring back a report,”he said.
He said the meeting would be carried forward as it had not concluded its agenda.

Hear him:”We are carrying the meeting forward,we have not finished. This is part of our deliberations,what we have here will be sent back to the Northern governors,what we have here is a representative of Northern governors.
” So, we are going to report back to the full house,that is the northern governors for full deliberation. As you can see, tensions are everywhere. So we are trying to calm nerves and also to find progress where there are grievances here and there,we can allay the fears and also help in solving some of those grievances.”

Also speaking, Publicity Secretary of Northern Elders Forum,Alhaji Hakeem Baba Ahmed, explained that the forum met with the Northern governors to find out areas the two bodies can come together to find solutions to the growing tensions arising from ethnic crises in the South.

He said:”We are here to meet with the Northern Governors Forum because they are our first point of call,they are our governors as northerners. Wherever we go on any issue we need to meet with them.

“We came to lay down our complaint as northerners,we came to show them our support in some of the initiatives they have taken,we came to seek their assurances as we are vigilant and to be assured that they are on their toes to protect our interest as northerners and to urge them to collaborate with their colleagues to deescalate the tension and to protect every Nigerian and we are very happy about what they have told.”

Ahmed added:”We urge northerners not to take the law into their hands,they should exercise restraint, maturity and responsibility.” He, however warned:”We are asking Nigerians from the Southern part of the country to desist from acts that could provoke other Nigerians. “We believe that every Nigerian owes a duty to be responsible and to recognize the fact that this is one country.

“We have people all over the place,the last thing we want in the North is to see any attack on anybody from outside the region and we want Northerners in other parts of the country to be treated equally.”

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We Did Our Best To Save Mailafia – Hospital



We Did Our Best To Save Mailafia - Hospital

Worried about the allegation of complicity, the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital (UATH) has said that it did its best to save the life of former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Dr Obadiah Mailafia.

The hospital said those accusing it of having a hand in the death of the foremost activist were not sincere.

The acting Public Relations Officer of UATH, Michael Atiga, speaking on Mallafia’s death and allegations that trailed it, wondered how the hospital could be blamed for being responsible when its medical personnel did everything necessary to revive him.

According to him, the exceptional performances of medical personnel in Mailafia’s case earned them verbal accolade from the wife of the deceased, who he noted, was around the husband.

He explained:”The patient came in on Saturday, September 18,2021, around 2pm to 3pm in the afternoon. He was well received because the doctors even had pre-information that he was coming, so he was well received.

“And considering the nature of his illness because from what I gathered from the doctor, as he was rushed to this place, his oxygen saturation was like 60 percent, so there was a problem already. He was in a bad condition so they had to commence treatment immediately.”

According to him, the doctors ”placed him on a free-flow oxygen in order to increase his oxygen saturation and they started this medication immediately without asking for any money.

“The saturation which was 60 percent at the time they came to this place, at a point, went to like 90 percent. So they continued the treatment till like 10 clock at night.

“Since they discovered that his condition demanded utmost care, they called a nurse who was even off duty to be stationed with the patient throughout the night. The nurse was off duty but they called him to come and stay with the patient.

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“So, the doctors did all they could to salvage the situation but you know that in health, doctors can only treat, it’s God that saves lives.”

” Even the wife, in the morning of that day around 8, o’clock when they passed the news of the husband’s death to her, appreciated the doctors that this is the first time she was seeing very dedicated health workers, whose priority is to save lives,” he added.

Asked if he had the appreciation from the deceased wife on record, he said, “I don’t have it on record but this was what I gathered from the doctor on duty.”

While admitting that a foreign doctor who was contacted abroad following the development, reached out to the hospital’s doctors handling Mailafia’s case, he said,” As at the time the foreign doctor was calling, the man had passed.”

“The foreign doctor was calling from abroad through the son of the deceased instructing the doctor who had certified the man dead to go and start pressing the chest again, who now told him that “Oga, I have been into this practice for over 20 years, the man is dead, if I like, I can press his chest from now till tomorrow, that would not bring him back to life. That was what happened,” he explained.

When told there was an allegation that the hospital asked for N600,000 before administering certain medication, he responded, “No, no, no.”

“That is why I’m telling you a clear record of what transpired in this hospital. If you like, you can meet with the wife of the deceased to hear her side. Nobody asked for money,” he explained.

When equally told that the Middle Belt Forum quoted the wife as saying this, Atiga said:”That means the woman is not sincere, she is not sincere, because when he was certified death and the doctors passed his condolences to her, she appreciated them according to what I learnt.”

He explained further:”The man was admitted into the VIP wing of the infectious disease centre which attracted more attention. Nobody said they should deposit before they commence treatment.

“It was after his death, and they said no problem, that the CBN was going to foot the bill. So, we are suprised that all these things started coming up.

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“Before his death, he was even talking to them. At a point when they were trying to improve the oxygen saturation, according to what I gathered, all their efforts connecting the cylinder was going down. They tried all they could but it was going down and that was when the man passed away.

“The doctors said at the point he was requesting for ventilator, if they do that, it would even fast- track his death, they are practitioners.

“That was what happened because I went there and interviewed the doctor as a public relations officer and he briefed me on all that happened.”


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Anti-open Grazing Laws In Southern States Unrealistic – El-Rufai



Anti-open Grazing Laws In Southern States Unrealistic - El-Rufai

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai on Tuesday described the anti-grazing laws being signed by some of his colleagues as unrealistic.

According to him, while ranching is the ideal solution to the problem, it cannot be done overnight.

El-Rufai also said Kaduna State would require at least N114 billion to put together 14 ranches to fully settle herders and their families.

The governor said this while speaking to newsmen during a visit to the National Secretariat of the All progressives Congress, in Abuja.
He said : “The northern state governors’ forum has already taken a position that open grazing is not a sustainable way of livestock production. And we must move towards ranching.

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“But moving towards ranching cannot be done overnight. We have to have a plan; we have to have resources and we have to implement it sensibly. It is not a matter of populist legislation or saying tomorrow this or that. It is not a solution. We have taken a position as northern state governors and we are implementing that.

“And in my state, for instance, we are developing a huge ranch to centralize the herders. And that is the solution, a long time. But can it be done overnight? No.”

“This project we are doing will cost us about 10 billion naira. The CBN is supporting us with about 7.5 billion. And it will take about two years to do.

“We will be settling Fulani herd families. And I hope that they will see that there are alternative ways of producing livestock instead of running up and down with cattle going to people’s farms to cause all kinds of problems. We want to solve the problem.

“It is unhelpful to politicize the situation and pass legislation that you know that you cannot implement. So, we have taken a position and we are working round the clock to implement that position.

“These herders emanate from the north and we are going to centralize them. We cannot do it overnight. We need billions of naira. This is just one ranch that is causing 10 billion. I have 14 grazing reserves in Kaduna state and I would like to convince them into ranching. Do I have 14 times 10 billion naira? I don’t have.

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“If the federal government will give me a hundred and fourteen billion, I will convert the other thirteen into ranches and make sure that nobody comes out with a cow or sheep in Kaduna state because I will have enough ranches to take care of everybody. That is the solution. You can legislate but let us wait and see. And I wish them the best of luck.”


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Sunny Ade’s Wife Dies



Sunny Ade's Wife Dies

Risikat Ajoke Adegeye, a wife of Juju maestro, King Sunny Ade, is dead. She was a former member of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

A media aide to the son of the deceased , Daniel Fayemi, and sources in the Lagos State House of Assembly confirmed Adegeye’s demise.

Fayemi said : “The philanthropic politician passed on in the early hours of Tuesday. Her remains have since been deposited at the TOS funeral homes, Lagos.

“She is survived by her grieving husband and son, Mr. George Folarin. Funeral arrangements would be communicated accordingly.”

Her son, Folarin, also confirmed the death on behalf of the family in a statement on Tuesday.

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He said the ex-lawmaker died after a brief illness.

The statement read in part: “We wish to formally inform friends, well-wishers, political associates, and the general public that Hon Risikat Ajoke Adegeye passed on after a brief illness during the early hours of Tuesday, 21st September 2021.

“Hon Risikat Ajoke Adegeye was a Honourable Member in the 6th Assembly of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

“She will be greatly missed not only by her immediate family but also by her political associates and followers. Further information in respect to her burial ceremony will be announced later after extensive consultations with the family.

“Thank you as we pray that she continues to rest peacefully and eternally with the Almighty God.”


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