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Police Arrest Mother, Son For Killing Sibling For Money Rituals



Police Arrest Mother, Son For Killing Sibling For Money Rituals

The police have arrested a Lagos resident Afeez Olalere 32, and his mother for killing his kid brother for money rituals.

According to Afeez, his mother had encouraged him to kill his kid brother for money rituals.

He made the confession when he was arrested saying “my mother took me to an herbalist who told me if i want to be successful in the yahoo business I will have to sacrifice one life and that person must be a sibling to me.

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“The things he would need to prepare a concoction with were his thumbs, his hair, fingers and a passport photograph.

“So, we went back home and thought about it, then my mother suggested that we use my younger brother since he is just 21years old.

“She also brought the poison which we gave him to eat. He died within 20 minutes after consuming the food. I was the one who cut out the body parts needed. We then wrapped his dead body and headed to the mortuary”.

The suspects were caught during a search operation along Itamaga, Ikorodu Road in Lagos.


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14 Years After Marriage, 50-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Triplets



Mrs Ibukun Ajayi, her husband Rev.Canon Ajayi, their set of triplets and others.

A 50-year-old woman Mrs Ibukun Ajayi has given birth to a set of triplets 14 years after marriage.

Mrs Ibukun Ajayi who is married to Rev. Canon Ajayi and based in Edo State gave birth to all boys.

In an interview with New Times, Mrs Ajayi narrated her journey to motherhood after 14 years of waiting for her own children.

According to her, in the course of the 14 years, while expecting her own children, she kept caring for other people’s children.

However, people kept telling her to get her own child and stop taking care of other people’s children because they would not bear her name. Some other people felt she had medical problems.

But she insisted that medically she and her husband were certified good in different hospitals in different states.

While admitting that she “couldn’t go to some places because of the issue”, she also disclosed that her having three miscarriages were among the challenges she faced.

She said that nobody advised her to quit her marriage because of a lack of children. But Mrs Ajayi who is a devout Christian said that the devil occasionally brought the suggestions that she should quit the marriage. However, anytime such “suggestions are coming , believe me the Holy spirit is always there to talk to me and reassure me of the promises of God.”

“Yes people advised me to seek solutions to get children, some of the solutions are going to some churches, going to some people for herbs. In fact, someone called me and said that she would take me to a place where they would cook something for me, that after eating it, at the door post I will use a leg to throw the plate that would determine the sex of the baby. After talking they would say ‘we know you are a pastor’s wife, you will not agree but let’s just try it’, and my response has ever been God has promised to do it and He will do it, let’s keep on praying and believing God. They would say ‘we know you will not agree with us’. I refused to leave my church for another because it is not by church or denomination but your personal contact with God”, she said.

Mrs Ajayi credited her faith in God as a major source of her strength in the midst of her adversity.

She said :” What kept me going was the word of God, His promises for me personally, especially Isaiah 49:10-20 in particular, and I know the God I serve might delay, but He never denies me good things. I knew I would have children, how and when was what I did not know.”

She praised her husband for standing by her and assuring her of his love even though there were no children in the marriage.

” My husband was not bothered, he would always say children or no children it does not matter . He would also say that if a mad woman can give birth on the street then if God feels it is our turn He will do it, if not we can’t query Him.”

She also narrated her experience with her in-laws in the 14 years of a childless marriage.

She said: ” Initially they were patient but after some time they said I should adopt but I refused. I told them I would pray about it. Last year they came up with the idea again but I told them it’s my home and I have the right to decide what I want, so they should please stay clear and before you know it God did His miraculous work.”

She said that while she was personally opposed to adoption, she believes in caring for other children around her.

“I never wanted adoption, I believe in training other children that surround me or are close to me and treat them like my own which I did for many. So my house is always full of children especially during holidays,” she said.

Mrs Ajayi said that at a point in 2022, she was convinced that she would soon have her own children.

“We had a prayer conference in Oleh in Delta State last year. At the programme, the Lord asked me to write the names of my children. I wrote three names, that is for three children and God decided to give me at once.”

On whether she would like to have more children, she said that the set of triplets were enough for her.

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RCCG Pastor Loses Throne As Soun Of Ogbomoso, Court Orders Fresh Selection



A former pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ghandi Olaoye, has been removed as the Soun of Ogbomoso land.

The Oyo State High Court in Ogbomoso ordered the removal .

Delivering the judgement on Wednesday, Justice K.A Adedokun said the process that led to his selection was illegal and, therefore, ordered an election of a new king.

Governor Seyi Makinde had, on September 2, approved Olaoye’s appointment to assume the vacant stool since the demise of Oba Jimoh Oyewunmi Agunbiade III, who died in December 2021 at 95 after a 48-year reign.

The kingmakers of the ancient town, thereafter, on September 8, 2023, inaugurated Olaoye as the new Soun despite a court order restraining his instalment to the throne following a suit filed by Kabir Olaoye.

Olaoye, according to the suit, argued that the monarch was not eligible to ascend the throne, adding that the selection process was flawed.

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Toyin Falola Becomes Bọ́bapìtàn Of Ondo Kingdom



Prof. Toyin Falola and his wife Dr.Bisi Falola during the conferment of chieftaincy titles on them by the monarch of Ondo Kingdom, Oba Victor Adesimbo Kiladejo.

In a spectacular chieftaincy award ceremony that was held yesterday, October 23, 2023, renowned historian and scholar, Professor Toyin Falola, was honoured with the prestigious title of “Bọ́bapìtàn of Ondo Kingdom.”

This event, which also saw his wife, Dr (Mrs.) Bisi Falola, being conferred with the title “Yèyé Bọ́bapìtàn of Ondo Kingdom,” was hosted by His Imperial Majesty, Oba Dr. Victor Adesimbo Kiladejo CFR, the Osemawe and Paramount Ruler of Ondo Kingdom.

The conferment of these honorary chieftaincy titles marked a significant milestone in Professor Toyin Falola’s illustrious career and his deep-rooted connection to the cultural heritage of Ondo Kingdom. The ceremony was held as part of the 17th Installation and 70th Birthday Anniversary Celebrations of Oba Dr. Victor Adesimbo Kiladejo.

The chieftaincy award ceremony brought together a host of dignitaries, scholars, and members of the Ondo Kingdom community, highlighting the vibrant cultural heritage and the close-knit bonds that define the region.

Professor Toyin Falola, known for his outstanding contributions to African history and culture, is now set to embrace his new role as the Bọ́bapìtàn of Ondo Kingdom, with his wife, Dr (Mrs.) Bisi Falola, serving as the Yèyé Bọ́bapìtàn. This recognition is a testament to their commitment to upholding the values, traditions, and heritage of Ondo Kingdom.

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