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Your Warning Is Misdirected Aggression – HURIWA Tells PEIWA



Your Warning Is Misdirected Aggression - HURIWA Tells PEIWA

… Says It Has No Business With PEIWA

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has been accused of misdirected aggression from the Private Estate International West Africa Limited (PEIWA).

HURIWA said that PEIWA’s aggression came in the form of a warning which was contained in a statement on Thursday while reacting to a recent statement by the human rights group where it alleged that operatives of the Nigeria Police were being used to support land grabbers.

The rights group has described the warning as a misdirected aggression and a subtle blackmail to harass it from exercising its responsibility as a civil rights advocacy group.

PEIWA reportedly threatened to institute a contempt or defamation proceeding against HURIWA.

But HURIWA through its National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and its National Media Affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf has told PEIWA to take its aggression elsewhere because HURIWA has no business with any of the said pending court cases related to land ownership in Enugu State .

HURIWA insisted that as a responsible body of activists, its intervention ends at informing the inspector-general of police to investigate the allegations that some of his officers went on an illegal duty in a part of Enugu State and in the process some villagers who alleged violations “of their human rights approached HURIWA and we subsequently asked the Nigerian Police as an institution created by the Constitution to investigate their men.”

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PEIWA reportedly noted that the press conference by HURIWA as an association could be perceived as an interference with the course of administration of justice and could mislead the public.

It therefore alleged that the said press conference by the human rights body constituted actionable falsehood, “for which redress may be sought at the appropriate judicial fora under the laws of defamation against your organization corporately and against Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and Ms. Zainab Yusuf personally.”

PEIWA said thus: “You are also advised to henceforth desist from taking any further step in the aforesaid matters or conducting itself in any manner as may embroil your organization in time-consuming, costly and very public litigation.”

HURIWA has, however, expressed shock that “we are being threatened with a defamation or contempt suit by a business entity that we absolutely have no relationship with whatsoever just as the rights group faulted the claims by the company that it interfered in certain court cases by the said company” even as HURIWA submitted that it has no knowledge of any litigation but that “its intervention was purely because some people from Amechi and Obeagu Awkunanaw communities in Enugu South Local Government Area of Enugu State alleged that the Force Criminal Investigation Department sent armed SWAT officers to their communities and in the course of this alleged illegal duty some of these persons were brutalized physically just as some of them were arrested and driven to Abuja and some were allegedly taken to Nasarawa State by the office of the Deputy Inspector-General of Police incharge of FCID in Abuja.

HURIWA therefore wondered if this “company that threatened with audacity to institute a defamation suit against HURIWA thinks that Nigeria is North Korea or Communist China whereby civil rights are subjugated by the whims and caprices of the powers that be and the dictators of those nations.”

The rights group said as long as “there are allegations of human rights abuses by the police or anyone for that matter, HURIWA will step in to sensitize the heads of the security forces to their constitutional mandates and obligations to the citizens and no amount of blackmail,  intimidation, threats to life can stop the just struggle for protection of human rights in Nigeria.

“HURIWA acted armed with this video footage that went viral in which personnel of the SWAT team, FCID Abuja , penultimate week, reportedly arrested nearly a dozen persons. Interestingly, none of the persons arrested thus far, have any direct connection to the incident they’re supposed to be investigating. Interestingly again, all other persons arrested and those they have, in different Gestapo styles, attempted to whisk away from their houses in the last week, are out-spoken individuals from Amechi allegedly.

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“The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria is established to deal with all matters relating to the promotion and protection of human rights, investigation of alleged human rights violations, and to seek the enforcement of professional code of conducts by armed security operatives in Nigeria. The people of Amechi and Obeagu Awkunanaw communities consider this SOS appeal to us and to IGP a last resort, and we as an independent organisation of human rights activists only addressed a press conference to state that we will ask the IGP to intervene and provide immediate and far- reaching redress to these Nigerians whose civil rights were flouted by the police.

“In which way did we defame PEIWA or does the company work for the DIG in charge of FCID in Abuja? How did we defame a company that does not work as part of the Nigerian Police Force that we complained about? May we also ask this company to leave us out of their issues because we are simply doing our job as human rights practitioners who in the course of our duty therefore prayed the IGP to heed the SOS appeal of the Amechi and Obeagu Awkunanaw people whose constitutionally guaranteed human rights are abused by certain individuals belonging to the Nigeria Police Force.”


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Gumi Protests As Court Declares Bandits As Terrorists



Gumi Protests As Court Refers To Bandits As Terrorists

Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has condemned a court’s declaration of bandits as terrorists as a political decision.

“I think the Federal Government has succumbed to media blackmail by a section of the country.

“It will not have any practical value because even before the declaration they are being fought and treated as terrorists,” he said.

The Abuja Division of the Federal High Court had declared proscribed bandit groups as terrorists.

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Specifically, the court, in a ruling that was delivered by Justice Taiwo Taiwo, held that activities of Yan Bindiga and Yan Ta’adda bandit groups, constitute acts of terrorism.

In a statement issued by Malam Tukur Mamu ,the Dan-Iyan Fika and Media Consultant to Sheikh Gumi, the Muslim scholar said: “So it’s just a nomenclature which I believe will not change the dynamics on ground.

“If you can remember, IPOB was also declared a terrorist organisation. The declaration was even backed by the order of the court, but as you can see even the international community did not recognise FG’s declaration on IPOB.

“So it has failed to be effective or to achieve the desired results.

“They have not been banned from travelling to other countries, while their citizenship remains intact; it has not been denounced. So what type of declaration is that?

“I sincerely hope that Nigerians will not take the herdsmen as terrorists, but should regard the criminality of the few among them against innocent people as acts of terrorism just as we see IPOB and their attacks on security agencies and other northern citizens as acts of terrorism.

“Very few herdsmen are bandits if you go through their population.

“I hope this declaration will not give the licence to people to be profiling herdsmen in general as terrorists and taking laws into their hands against them.

“It will cause more mayhem. The declaration will not change anything, it will not change the dynamics. Already the military is engaging them.

“It didn’t stop them from kidnappings and killings. The declaration will not end their aggression against the society.
‘It is a socio-political problem’

“The Fulani banditry is a socio-economic problem. We have seen it, we interacted widely with them.

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“We told the federal government the way out. It can only be won through engagement, dialogue and justice.

“That is why today there is relative peace in the Niger Delta because government has accepted the painful reality of rehabilitating and empowering them.

“There has to be equitable distribution of wealth in Nigeria and justice for every one.

“People don’t want to accept it. Before the issue of banditry that now affects all of us, the Fulani have suffered so much.

“They have lost their legitimate means of livelihood; I mean their cows through cattle rustling and extortion by security agencies.

“That has to be addressed as a means of genuine reconciliation and integration. They should have sense of belonging.”


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Court Declares Bandits As Terrorists



Court Declares Bandits As Terrorists

Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court, Abuja, has declared the activities of bandits in Nigeria as acts of terrorism.

In a landmark judgment on Thursday, the court said “Yan Bindiga group”, “Yan Ta’adda group” and others alike are active terrorists.

M. B. Abubakar, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Federal Ministry of Justice, filed an ex-parte motion.

A supporting affidavit, filed by Aminu Kayode Alilu of the ministry, explained why the application was made.

The government told the court that bandits were responsible for several acts of criminality in different parts of the country.

The oath pointed out that Yan Bindiga, Yan Ta’adda and others were responsible for “wanton destruction of lives and property in Nigeria, particularly in the Northwest and North-central states”.

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It mentioned, “kidnappings for ransom, kidnapping for marriage, mass abductions of school children and other citizens, cattle rustling, enslavement, imprisonment, severe deprivation of physical liberty, torture, rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, other forms of sexual violence, attacks and killings”.

The government said the outlaws were carrying out “acts of terrorism that can lead to a breakdown of public order and safety and is a threat to national security and the corporate existence of Nigeria”.

In his pronouncement, Justice Taiwo proscribed Yan Bindiga, Yan Ta’adda and all bandit clusters “either in groups or as individuals by whatever names they are called”.

The judge directed the Federal Government to publish the proscription order in the official gazette and two national dailies.


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Telecoms Services Restored In Kaduna



Telecoms Services Restored In Kaduna

Following the return of peace to the troubled parts of Kaduna, the state government has ordered the immediate restoration of telecommunication service in areas where the facility was earlier suspended for security reasons.

The Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Mr Samuel Aruwan, said this while addressing newsmen in Kaduna.

He said, the state government had contacted relevant federal agencies to effect the immediate restoration of the services.

He recalled that in October 2021 security agencies had requested the shutdown as part of the measures to address the problem of banditry and related crimes.

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“The security agencies have notified he government that telecoms services can now be restored.

“The initial shutdown, along with other measures, had helped the security agencies to achieve some results“, Aruwan said

He said it was unfortunate that the measure, had its negative impact on the legitimate activities of citizens and businesses.

He assured residents that the restoration of full services in the affected area would be full achieved in few days.
While commending the sacrifices made by residents during the temporary shutdown he expressed regrets for inconveniences caused the affected areas.

The commissioner, however, said other measures, on security measures aimed at combating crimes in the affected areas remained in force.

“These include; prohibition of movement of motorcycle, the ban on weekly market, transportation of cattle and sales of cattle across the state,” he said.


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